Nov 05 2009

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Rough Day

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This is why I don’t post very frequently – I have days that I feel accomplished if I get out of my bed and down the stairs. Today was one of those days.  I got up to get my daughter ready for school and was feeling rather shaky.  As soon as she left I came back to my bed and perched myself in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee.  I quickly felt even worse and decided to just lie back and close my eyes for a minute.

5 hours later….. I woke up to the voice of my PA coming in to start her work!

And such has the day been.  Knitted a few rows on a beaded lace scarf I am working on, watched some on demand television on my laptop and tried my best to pretend I was among the living. I was just about to go back to bed for the night when I remembered that I had not done a blog entry for the day. doh!  I would really hate it if my failure in NaBloPoMo was due to my brain fog. That would be just too much.  If I do fail it will be for good reason – like because I have something better to be doing, such as knitting or painting my nails – not because I simply forget.  I will not let the brain fog win! No way.

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